Friday, 13 November 2015

Fitting tips for older feet

As an independent footwear retailer, Easy Living Footwear caters for quite a selection of different aged feet!

We often see younger feet donning fashion-oriented heels; to our working-middle-agers who are on their feet all day and need lots of support. Through to our older (and we say, wiser!) ladies who come in for comfort and stability in slippers and better fitting every day shoes.

Our General Manager, Jenny, was a guest speaker at a NSW health programme in Gilgandra Hospital recently. A specialised range of events for the over 65ers who were “at risk, or who have had a fall”, Jenny spoke about the importance of well-fitted, safe and comfortable footwear.

In our stores, our staff are trained to help fit your feet and offer advice on the best types of shoes that will suit your needs. Whilst it’s a little harder for us to do this for our online customers, our regulars will tell you that having this staff knowledge at your fingertips can make all the difference for a customer with problematical feet!

What many of us don’t realise is that there are many factors in fitting footwear for elderly feet, not just making sure they fit! Below are some of our top tips for choosing footwear for safety and support for those over 65ers that need a little extra looking after!

• Firm arch supports help offer additional support and comfort

• A shoe that has good foot coverage to minimise stepping out of the shoe

• A lace up or velcro fastening for stability

• A lightweight shoe. It can be very tiring to wear a heavy shoe with a thick rubber sole for a long period of time

• Soft cushioning under the foot bed. In-store, we can add or substitute innersoles or memory foam to add more cushioning. Especially in the front area of the shoes, which helps cater for feet that have lost the padding beneath the bones, making it painful to walk

• A well-fitting shoe will give enough room for the toes to be comfortable and not rubbing at the ends, or curling

• A snug heel that has a firm but comfortable grip at the heel counter, so they are not going to step out the shoe and trip, or curl the toes like a claw to hold onto a shoe

• Low heels for stability – if a heel is too high, there’s an added chance of tripping and falling. A broad heel is far more stable to walk on

• Non-slip and textured sole for safety

• So many women wear slippers for a long period of time each day while at home, so choosing a supportive, correctly fitted, well soled slipper is just as important for safety as choosing a shoe.

It’s essential that elderly feet are looked after properly to prevent falls, but also offer superior comfort for fragile bones, and offer continued mobility for our seniors. Sometimes what suits may not always be the “prettiest” shoe, but is the most practical and safer option, and that’s often more important!

Some of our preferred brands for older feet include DB Footwear, Waldlaufer, Arcopedico, Propet and Klouds - which are often wider fitting, adjustable, accommodate orthotics, include velcro and elastics for easy on-off fitting, and textured comfort soles for stability and safety.

We have just released a new Comfort Plus brochure featuring a number of our favourite recommended products this Summer. Click the images below to see them larger.   If you'd like a hard copy, just contact us!

Look after your feet!!
~ The Easy Living Team

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