Can you believe we’ve hit that time of year again – Christmas is well and truly here!! While we’re all manically stocking up on turkey and salads, and frantically wrapping the last of those presents to pop under the tree… take a quick breather to read a few pointers on how to survive the next few weeks of the Silly Season!

1. Think Healthy!
Easier said than done with the onslaught of all the parties, get-togethers, drinks with friends and the never-ending trail of events… the festive season can well and truly put some pressure on our poor bodies! If you’re already feeling the strain, prioritise sleep and exercise to help minimise the impact on your emotional and physical health! Sleep and exercise are two of the easiest ways to calm the body, stay healthier and keep that smile on your face. Plus, if you have time off, use it to up your training and get extra rest, and really take advantage of the added minutes to your days!

2. Eat Healthy!
Well if you’re anything like the rest of us, you’re probably already eaten more chocolate or fruit pies than you have the rest of the year…. It goes without saying that this is certainly a time of over-indulgence, and we’re all likely to feel the bloat in the next few weeks! You’re not alone in this one… but this mass-eating of processed foods at this time of year can stress out that poor digestion system! It takes longer for processed foods to run its course through the body, so try and opt for gorgeous greens, and less processed goodies when you can! Aim for protein-rich foods (like nuts, the unsalted ones!) to keep the indulgent-snacking at bay, and help the digestion system along with ginger or peppermint tea!

3. Try and plan ahead.
Good luck if you get stuck on short notice, but if you can, have a bit of a ‘game plan’ to what you’ll eat and drink while you’re out. Healthy snacks before you go can fill up your tummy to help you avoid the junky stuff. And if you’re drinking, moderate and space them out with water with a slice of lemon! Good for the ‘detox’ and rehydration, but keeps a “drink in your hand” while you’re out and about!

4. Eat breakfast!!
With the added stress over the holiday season, it’s far too easy to forget to fuel up properly in the morning… Running out of puff mid-way through your day often sees us heading for caffeine and sugars just to pump up the energy. Make sure your tummy is full of good foods in the morning, and keep a steady course as you go through the rest of your day!

5. Drink lots of water.
Keep well hydrated and give your body that extra flushing it needs!!!  Whilst it's alluring to pick up a bevvy or two, make sure there's water in your veins as well! Make an easy 'water detox' drink - fill a jug with filtered water, add in ice cubes and slices of lemon or lime, or even try cucumber and mint leaves. These make a nice refreshing drink to add to the table, and help flush out the system of all those other goodies floating through... !!

6. Make a list – then check it twice!
Pre-planning your groceries will help keep that eating on track! It’s far too easy to pick up extra chips, chocolate and donuts (or whatever your vice is!) when you don’t have a plan! Whilst we all like to keep guests and kids happy, for the sake of ALL our tummies, try and aim for some good wholesome foods (fresh fruit, veggie sticks and freshly made dips, homemade fruit icy poles… the list goes on!).

7. Keep a smile on your face.

Having the entire family merged together in one room can often be quite daunting. As much as we’d all like to avoid conflict, sometimes the stress of the silly season takes over and things can get a little rough! Keep smiling and stay civil – keep conversation generalised and happy, and avoid passing unnecessary criticism (or playing into said criticism!) to keep things moving along. And if all else fails, just breathe and stay calm… “it’s only once a year”… !!!

Make the most of the festive season – sit back and enjoy the moments with your family and friends. Don’t overwhelm yourself with menial worries like forgotten napkins, or melted ice – these little things won’t ruin your day, honestly!! Laugh it off, enjoy the atmosphere and most of all HAVE FUN!!

Merry Christmas to all our fabulous customers and extended network out there across the country! May you all have a brilliant Christmas, and a safe New Years.

~ The Easy Living Footwear team